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Mini Volt black screws

Hey guys

I've lost some of the 4 black screws that maintains the top and the bottom of the Mini Volt box mod closed. This arrived when I've got to disassembly it to fix a rattle problem with the fire button. Now my rattle problem is fixed but some screws missed to my box !

 Is anyone have spare black screws to send me ? Or is anyone knows where I can find them ?

Many thanks.


They are the same thread pattern as a normal laptop motherboard screw. My first mini volt I had the same problem and lost 3 of the 4 screw and just grabbed some extra laptop screws I had laying arounf


Ok I get it.

I have ordered another Mini Volt since.

BTW the new Mini Volt I received have a blue screen, not a green screen like the old one... Do you know why ? Is there any firmware upgrade in this blue-screen version ? How many screen colors does the Mini Volt have ?



have anybody had a problem with the screen saying the mini volt is charging while not being on the charger ?? i really need some help on what is going on with mines and i havent even had it for a week yet

My mini volt suddenly won't take a charge. Upon reading dozens and dozens of reviews I found the majority of the people who bought this mod also had theirs break after a short time. I really hope COV replaces mine and I didn't throw my money away at a pice of junk paper weight which is all its good for now.
Mine did the same right after I used the battery power out of the box. First time I went to charge it was the last time. Hopefully cov does something
6 days and counting since I filled out a ticket and still haven't got a reply from council of vape. Garbage products and garbage customer service. I'll never waste another dollar on this junk company and I'll make sure to spread the word to as many people as I can about their shifty ways. Kangertech is a far better company that builds products THAT ACTUALLY WORK.
My unit is flashing COV and then the charging screen but will not power on. It has been connected to power overnight.

mine only goofed up once or twice but powering it off /on would get it back to charging. There was a day I had to charge it forever for it to work...then it burned/smoked out the charging port and the thing was usless.

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