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Fire Hazard Mitigation

I noticed another user concerned about the device causing a fire.  My device froze and overheated and may be a fire hazard now.  I am storing it in a bag designed to contain Lithium battery fires, luckily I had one already from R/C stuff..

Hope this helps anyone else who is concerned.  I am still waiting to hear back from these guys, the retailer I bought the device from believes their distributor will not accept this device back and I personally will not ship any potentially hazardous materials.

My MiniVolt got very hot after I plugged it in, smoke poured out of the charging port, I unplug and there is no charging port, just an empty hole. It burned right off the board and no more vapey for me :(

I overnighted the unit 8 or 9 days ago, really hope I get a replacement soon 

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