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Mega Volt 80W keeps showing menus instead of letting me vape

Hi all,

    To be fair I was just looking for a new battery for kicks a couple months ago and I found this little gem in a local vape shop.  There are two downsides that are driving me nuts:  1) the battery dies after 3-4 hours of solid vaping, and 2) the stupid power button keeps taking me to menus.  I can't have the menu function attached to the main vape button because I tend to play with it whimsically as I do stuff on the 'net.

so my question, if anyone can help, is A) how do I reset it to default so i'm not looking at some weird C number in my display and not getting any vape out of it, and B) is there a way to change the button assignment so the main power/vape button doesn't also trigger menus??

Thanks all for your help.

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